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Even though oil sands deposits can be found around the world, including russia, venezuela, the united. Canadian oil sands development benefits all canadians by providing needed energy, stimulating economic growth and generating significant revenues for. The role of the canadian oil sands in the us market. Since the 200910 fiscal year the largest contributor to albertas royalty revenues has been the oil sands. The canadian oil sands a massive but emissionsintensive source of oil presents policymakers with precisely such a. The pace and scale of oil sands development has prompted these communities to question whether negative impacts.

Canadian oil sands dialogue canadian oil sands dialogue provides an objective and independent platform for stakeholders to engage in a discussion of the benefits, costs and impacts associated with oil sands development. The athabasca oil sands lie along the athabasca river and are the largest natural bitumen deposit in the world, containing about 80% of the alberta total, and the only one suitable for surface mining, according to a 2009 canadian association of petroleum producers publication. Like past editions of the report, several scenarios for oil sands developments are explored. National energy board 1 western canadian crude oil supply, markets, and pipeline capacity a. Thus their decision leaves unchanged the total amount of oil consumed in the world. The value of the canadian oil sands to the united states. Over millions of years, that oil became trapped in thick layers of sand. The canadian oil sands council on foreign relations.

February 2016 the future of the canadian oil sands. The canadian oilsands and strategic approaches to profitability 1. Canadian oil sands limited was a canadian company that generates income from its oil sands investment in the syncrude joint venture. Oil sands also contain fine solids and clays, typically in the range of 10 to 30% by weight. A decision by europe not to buy canadian oil is not a decision to consume less oil, but merely not to buy that oil from canada. Canadas oil sands represent a significant, proven and secure source of supply for north america oil reserves canadas oil sands are one of the largest known reserves of oil.

Oil sands are actually found all over the world, and are sometimes referred to as tar sands or bituminous sands. The oil sands comprise more than 98 percent of canadas 173 billion barrels of proven oil reserves. Emissions from californias heavy oil are on a par with canadas oil sands. Canada is the largest supplier of crude oil and petroleum products to the u. American empire and the canadian oil sands pdf,, download ebookee alternative reliable tips for a best ebook reading experience.

Growth in the canadian oil sands an ihs cera special report figure iv3. A 2011 study by the canadian energy research institute ceri found that u. They are con centrated primarily in the canadian province of alberta. Pdf the economics of canadian oil sands researchgate. As the rising price of oil has made extraction from canadian 2 tar sands profitable, u. With oil extraction from the oil sands already one of the higher cost. Forrest was the ihs cera project manager for the multiclient study growth in the canadian oil sands. Growth potential of a unique resource amidst regulation, egress, cost, and price uncertainty 5 preface this research was conceived with two central objectives. The future of the canadian oil sands oxford institute for energy. Canadian oil sands supply costs and development projects. Understanding the canadian oil sands industrys greenhouse.

New technology and innovation are critical to developing the oil sands and improving environmental performance. Pdf compression behavior of canadian oil sands anh. Each year the canadian energy research institute ceri publishes its longterm view for canadian oil sands supply costs and production. Canadian oil sands development benefits all canadians by providing needed energy, stimulating economic growth and generating significant revenues for governments. North american liquid fuel demand and wti crude oil price path figure iv4. Albertas oil sands were formed millions of years ago, as tiny marine creatures died and drifted to the sea floor and were covered by layers of sediment that exerted enough pressure and temperatures to transform the organic matter into oil. The study also finds that for every two jobs created in canada from. Canadas oil sands are located in alberta, and unlike conventional crude oil, the oil sands come in the form of bitumen, a heavy, thick, and viscous substance. Third, oil sands deposits decline more slowly 4% decline per year than those of conventional oil 20% per year, allowing these deposits to last longer e. A typical oil sands deposit in alberta contains on average about 10% bitumen, 5% water and 85% solids, mostly in the form of coarse silica sand.

Through factbased discussion with peers and access to an objective research agenda, participants in the canadian oil sands. There has been a lot of talk in recent years surrounding the fight against climate change, but little in the way of a comprehensive strategy. Greenhouse gas emissions from canadian oil sands production. Because of their long lifespan and the consequently lower sensitivity to short. Oil sands operators must adhere to stringent regulations. In 2018 about 63% of canadas crude oil production was from the oil sands. Compression behavior of canadian oil sands article pdf available in journal of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering 96. The shortterm damage for canadian oil sands operators will come in the form of substantial financial losses and production reductions. Environmental consequences of oil production from oil sands. This is the eleventh annual edition of ceris oil sands supply cost and development projects update. Move tar sands oil by tankers on americas rivers and. This is the twelfth edition of eris oil sands supply cost and development projects update report. With modern unconventional oil production technology, at least 10% of these deposits, or about 170.

Finding the new balance, a comprehensive assessment of the benefits, risks, and challenges associated with oil sands development. The tar sands campaign against the overseas export of. A primer on the canadian oil sands energy policy research. November 22, 2016 canadas oil sands have long been criticized for their large carbon footprint. This article has discussed key issues in the economics of canadian oil sands. Syncrude operated an oil sands facility and produced crude oil through the mining of oil sands from ore deposits in the athabasca region of northern alberta, canada in 2016, suncor energy purchased all of the shares of canadian oil sands. Expanding oil sands production beyond current levels could increase global emissions by 50 to 150 million tonnes co 2 annually by 2030. The canadian oil sands industry the oil sands deposits in canada are a major source of crude oil, but, unlike conventional oil, it is in the form of a heavy oil. Published 20 january 2009 iop publishing ltd environmental research letters, volume 4, number 1. Alex d charpentier 1, joule a bergerson 2 and heather l maclean 1,3,4.

Canadas oil sands sector is a hightech, knowledgebased industry. The canadian oil sands are a mixture of sand, clay, and bitumen, a highly dense and viscous tarlike form of petroleum. Although a new refinery has not been built in the united states for over 30 years, five new refineries are currently under consideration. Approvals from numerous regulatory agencies are required at every phase, from construction and operations to shutdown and. If you want a sense of how important oil sands royalties have been for albertas finances, consider this. The cost of building and operating oil sands projects has fallen in recent years and total oil production is expected to rise by another 1 million bd by 2030, but external factorssuch as price. The resource endowment places canada second only to saudi arabia. Canadian oil sands crudes are more ghgintensive than the other heavy crudes they would replace or displace in u. Western canadian crude oil supply, markets, and pipeline.

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