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Sand filters will be discussed in the equipment overviewsection later in this presentation. Although, both range and approach should be monitored, the approach is a better indicator of cooling tower performance. Cooling tower analysis is a powerful, user friendly, program for the analysis of induced, mechanicaldraft, counterflow cooling towers. Chiller system optimization cooling best practices. Cooling tower pdf software free download cooling tower.

The tower takes the heat from the water stream and rejects it to. Ashrae table 5 shading coefficients and ufactors for residential windows. When you sign up, we offer you a 1day free trial of 50 calculations. Again, this will be a first issue releasing the actual engineering approach. Free cooling concepts for data centers cooling costs can account for more than half of a data centers total annualized operating cost as energy costs and it power consumption continue to rise. Cooling tower pdf software free download cooling tower pdf. This course covers 18 sections of comprehensive information on evaporative cooling towers and provides important aspects of cooling tower types, sizing, selection and performance issues. Factors affecting cooling tower performance capacity utilization amount of water circulated range determined by the process it is serving determined by heat load and water circulation rate thus range. Here we explain in full detail how cooling towers operate with example text, pictures, diagrams and principles.

Approach approach is difference between recoiled water temperature and. Cooling tower pdf freeware free download cooling tower pdf. Dec 25, 2011 a cooling tower is an equipment used to reduce the temperature of a water stream by extracting heat from water and emitting it to the atmosphere. Wet versus dry cooling towers cti educational seminar february 28, 2001 jim baker.

Abstract this paper presents detailed methodology of a induced draft cooling tower of counter flow type in which its efficiency, effectiveness, characteristics are calculated. Cooling tower design, free cooling tower design software downloads. The cooling component of this new electricity station is a natural draft cooling tower 200 m high, the tallest cooling tower and the largest shell structure in the world. Download cooling tower design we are a sharing community. Today we are going to talk about how you can choose the right cooling tower system for areas with tropical climates. In this type of cooling tower, fan is not used for circulating air but here, by enclosing the heated air in the chimney and it will create pressure difference between heated air and surrounding air. The ppt presents the introduction specific objective objective component of cooling tower types of cooling tower working principle application. Drift eliminators are installed to prevent water entrained in the air from leaving the system. Cooling tower blowdown water and wastewater from raw water treating may or may not receive treatment at the wastewater treatment plant wwtp before. Cooling water systems an overview of cooling towers. Air enters at the ambient condition point a, absorbs heat and mass moisture from the water. On the other hand, cooling towers are much larger than tradional hvac systems and are used to remove heat from cooling tower water systems in petroleum refineries, plants, natural gas processing plants, petrochemical plants, and other industrial processes and facilites. Cooling tower pdf, free cooling tower pdf software downloads, page 2.

When warm, dry unsaturated air is pulled through a watersoaked pad, water is evaporated and is absorbed as water vapor into the air. This useful and easy program let you quickly and securely perform calculations for the design of a new cooling tower project, upgrade the performance of an existing counterflow tower and verify its efficiency and working conditions. Consequently, spare cooling water pumps should be provided and their drivers either electric or steam should be very reliable. This system sends cooling water out of the equipment and into a pond or cooling tower, which is open to the atmosphere. Nowadays, the cooling tower is a necessity for industries that somehow depend on water. Baltimore aircoil company is offering ashrae guideline 12, minimizing the risk of legionellosis associated with building water systems, as a free download. Cooling tower seminar presentation for final year project hvac. One helpful means to that end is the water cooling tower. The high exiting air velocities reduces the chance of re circulation. Cooling tower parts components functions sara cooling tower. Fill most towers employ fills made of plastic or wood to facilitate heat transfer by maximizing water and air contact. The size of the cooling towers may vary from small rooftop units to very large hyperboloid structures can be up to 200 metres 660 ft tall and 100 metres 330 ft in diameter, or in rectangular structures can be over 40 metres ft tall and 80 metres 260 ft long types of cooling tower a on the basis of heat transfer methods cooling towers are classified as. If it is not available it may be assumed as for natural draft cooling tower d 0.

Cooling water systems an overview of cooling towers 2012 instructor. Ppt presentation on cooling tower ashik rofy academia. As this occurs, a small volume of water is evaporated, reducing the temperature of the water being circulated through the tower. In the horizontal plane, they refer to the approximate width and length of packed areas, and in the vertical plane to the height above basin kerb level. Drift loss of the cooling tower is normally provided by the cooling tower manufacturer based on the process design. View and download powerpoint presentations on cooling tower ppt.

Air intake louver is a part of the cooling tower that serves as a block for water splashout, noise, and debris. Estimate evaporation loss and makeup water requirements article pdf available april 2017 with 9,632 reads. In open circuit systems the recirculating water returns to the tower after 1 one ton of refrigeration is equal to 12,000 btuhour. Technical resources minimizing energy costs with free. Houston, texas fans key to optimum coolingtower design nomograph gives the reciprocal of the density ratio. Cm 4120 julie king original presentation by todd king and i edited it. Mar 20, 2009 well this was the presentation on cooling towers that i created for my own presentation. Rp m 2 rp m 1 cfm 2 c fm 1 staticpressure 2 static pressure 1 cfm 2 cfm 12 ho rsep ower 2 ho rsepow er 1c fm cfm 3 formulas ra nge e ntering water tem per ature leavingwater temperature. In every application the target portion of the nozzle should be located at the correct distance above the top of the cooling tower fill to obtain maximum. In the wl 320 open wet cooling tower, water is sprayed into the tower from above and distributed as widely as possible using baffles. Closed circuit systems differ in that the return fluid often water, or sometimes water mixed with glycol circulates through the tower structure in a coil, while cooling tower water recirculates only in the tower.

The major concern during i study the cooling tower theory was how to computerize the cooling tower theory from the calculation of ntu to the cooling tower performance analysis. Cooling towers can be split into two distinct categories. An asdesigned analysis has been performed to quantify the impact of design parameters, expected cooling tower performance, and meteorology on the capacity of watts bar nuclear plant wbn. Cooling tower pdf freeware pdf to word converter v. Free cooling concepts for data centers nortek air solutions. This calculator will calculate heating loads for air. If you read this book carefully, you can make any cooling tower design programs by yourself. Cooling tower failure or loss of cooling water flow can lead to emergency shutdowns and the potential for hydrocarbon leaks and fires. The program can be used for the analysis of existing towers or for the preparation of specifications for new towers. It is then combined with makeup water, which replaces the evaporated water, and is sent through the system again. See the more detailed explanation of cooling towers systems. The term induced draft denotes that air is drawn by fans through the flow of falling water and up and out of the cooling tower. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Download ashrae heat load calculation excel sheet xls.

Heat transfer performance heat exchangers performance monitoring in industrial plants. Cooling towers with open and closed water circuits are available. A tower cools water by evaporation by drawing high volume air across the water surface, which. In our project we are going to design circular cooling tower named as induced draft cooling tower. In lieu of a smooth casting, the cooling fins increase surface area, allowing better heat rejection as air is pulled over the gearbox by the cooling tower fan. Cooling tower seminar presentation for final year project free download as powerpoint presentation.

The historical derivation of this 15,000 btulh cooling tower ton, as compared to the 12,000 btuih evaporator ton, is based. Cooling towers have certain design values, but seasonal variations require adjustment and tuning of water and air flowrates to get the best cooling tower effectiveness. Oncethrough cooling water typically does not receive any treatment before discharge. This heating system sizing calculator is based on the ashrae standards. Both types function as heat exchangers based on the counter flow principle. For example, marley geareducer brand gearboxes include cooling fins, which increase the surface area by 2547 percent compared to other cooling tower gear drives. Nominal tower dimensions nominal tower dimensions is dimensions used to indicate the effective size of cells, or cooling tower. Cooling tower performance in free cooling applications is dependent upon both the system and cooling tower design. Minimizing the risk of legionellosis associated with building water systems.

Download cooling tower pumping and piping guide pdf hvac chilled water systems cooling towers pump and piping installation guide. Training session on energy equipment cooling towers presentation from the. The lg ratio of a cooling tower is the ratio of the liquid water mass flowrate l to gas air mass flowrate g. Cooling tower systems include all components that provide comfort cooling by rejecting heat to the atmosphere through the evaporative process. The technical data has been taken from a mechanical draft cooling tower. Process design of cooling towers project standards and specifications page 4 of 34 rev. Which cooling tower is best for tropical climates the climate conditions can somehow affect the performance of cooling towers due mainly to the fact that they make use of the surrounding air as well as water supply to do their job.

Induced draft towers are typically mounted with a fan at the top of the cooling tower, which allows hot air out and pulls air throughout. A detailed glossary is provided at the end of the course. They represent a relatively inexpensive and dependable means of removing low grade heat from cooling water. Considered will be a 26 ft, 28ft, or 30 ftdiameter fan. At these condi tions, the cooling tower rejects 15,000 btuih per nominal cooling tower ton. A psychromehic analysis of the air passing through a cooling tower illustrates this effect figure 2. The cooling towers can perform their work in ample ways by using a varied type of advanced technologies. This manual is not intended to be allencompassing and thoroughly. Ppt cooling tower maintenance legionella awareness.

Ppt, txt and even html, to pdf file with the click of a button. Closed loop cooling tower system the makeup water source is used to replenish water lost to evaporation. Tom is the environmental and water resource product manager for the u. Download free mep calculation excel sheets, autocad drawings, and training courses for hvac, firefighting, plumbing. Lets first define few important terms for understanding this course. Only point here is small flat side will be on down side see image old drift. Understanding key components of cooling towers and. Together with the dosing pumps and the provided accessories, they are designed to guarantee the correct and efficient treatment of water flow in a cooling tower. Course contents evaporative coolers, often called swamp coolers, are cooling systems that use only water and a blower to circulate air. Cooling tower basics and common misconceptions introduction in comparison with most other industrial equipments, the water cooling tower is a simple device, based on the direct contact of two of the earths most common substances. Cooling tower terms and definitions some useful terms, commonly used in the cooling tower industry.

Opting for infamous cooling tower suppliers would be the ultimate choice. Below is what will take you to a leading cooling tower supplier. This standard applies to fire protection for field erected and factoryassembled water cooling towers of combustible construction or those in which the fill is of combustible material. When the temperature of the water from the cooling tower is colder than the desired chilledwater. Find powerpoint presentations and slides using the power of, find free presentations research about cooling tower ppt. Industrial cooling towers are used to remove surplus heat from water. Download fulltext pdf download fulltext pdf cooling towers. Download residential heating and cooling load calculation excel sheet according to 2001 ashrae fundamentals handbook. Here evaporation occurs, removing heat along with the evaporated water. The evaporation process cools down the remaining tower water but leaves. Ppt condensors and cooling towers powerpoint presentation.

Jul 30, 2018 cooling towers can be classified in two types 1 natural draught cooling tower. Cooling towers are used to transfer heat from cooling water to the atmosphere. Because these units have typically been steel framestructure with pvc fill, the. For the sake of this document, cooling tower systems include open recirculating circuit coolers, fluid coolers, and evaporative coolers, closed.

Another method of free cooling is to transfer heat between the cooling tower water and the chilled water inside a centrifugal chiller through the use of refrigerant migration, also known as a thermosiphon. Cooling tower evaporative cooling system measurement. Nov 22, 2014 try our neri calculator tool for free. Cooling tower process tower basin distribution deck basin tower fill induced draft fan recirc pump return water supply water a tower cools water by evaporation by drawing high volume air across the water surface, which transfers heat to the atmosphere. A cooling tower is an equipment used to reduce the temperature of a water stream by extracting heat from water and emitting it to the atmosphere. Quick guide to frp square cooling tower and its parts one of the most significant components of any industrial process is frp square cooling tower.

Cooling tower project report prepared by ashik ahmed reason for the project. The following are the cooling tower parts details including the cooling tower parts name and their functions. We guarantee for better hexane recovery along with zero downtime because of zero scaling in condensers for twenty years. To purchase them for commercial purpose, here we have collect some vital information. Cooling towers make use of evaporation whereby some of the water is evaporated into a moving air stream and subsequently discharged into the atmosphere. Lets look at a typical case of fan selection for a new tower design.

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